Treatment for Back and Neck Pain Alfreton

The human body is a remarkable machine that usually works extremely well. Sometimes though, we can sustain back or neck pain from either sports or just everyday life and we may need help from an experienced and qualified practitioner in the Alfreton area.

Back and neck is very common and it is estimated that nearly 80% of all adults will experience back pain or neck pain at some point in their lives. The symptoms of back pain can  occur suddenly and may be triggered by a specific movement such as bending to dress, but the causes may have been building for some time.

Back and Neck pain may occur suddenly or may have been building in intensity until it is no longer bearable and may have been caused by a mechanical malfunction. When you are in pain you need to find someone in the Alfreton area who understands the complexity of your condition and can begin work to relieve your pain.  There are many ways to treat back and neck pain within osteopathy and sometimes a combination of approaches is needed using techniques  such as manipulation, joint articulation and gentle soft tissue massage.

Often people are told by their GP that they have back or neck pain because they are getting old or that they must learn to live with pain but we believe that in most cases something can be done to significantly improve the situation for many people in the Alfreton area.

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Some of the Areas where we Treat patients for Back & Neck Pain are: